Frank's 100-Year Story

• 1922 – 2022 •


Frank Stein and wife Framed portrait

Frank’s Sport Shop, also known as Frank’s Sporting Goods or Frank’s Army and Navy Store, was founded in 1922 by Frank Stein (a Jewish immigrant, who settled in The Bronx, New York).

Mr. Frank Stein began the business as a small Army-Navy surplus store with less than 1000 square feet; but over the decades, and with the support of his wife and family, it has grown into the most iconic and unique sporting goods store in New York City.

Frank's Sport Shop 1930s

During the earliest years, Frank’s Army and Navy store was proudly focused on selling a variety of military supplies, hunting, and camping gear, survival gear, camouflage, and gun accessories. Which helped Mr. Frank Stein financially support his family and provided jobs opportunities to many other, surviving the The Great Depression of the 1930’s (the extended and worst economy recession in USA history).

After years of success and good management Mr. Frank was able to purchase the entire building connected to the store, generating what is known today as Frank’s Sport Shop, Inc., to what has now grown to become a longstanding pillar of the community. Ideally located -minutes from anywhere in the Metropolitan area and mass transportation at doorsteps- the new store opened the door to more business opportunities.

The iconic vintage neon sign, still in use, was installed in the late 1940s

The iconic vintage neon sign, still in use, was installed in the late 1940s


Frank's Sport Shop 1970s

After Mr. Frank Stein passing, Moses Stein (Frank’s middle child) -who began working at the store when he was in high school, received a master’s degree in business administration from Long Island University in New York, and gained most needed business experience from his father- became the new owner of Frank’s Sport Shop.

To a customer deciding which binoculars to buy:

“It depends. How close is your neighbor?”

– Moe Stein

Moses Stein framed portrait

Moses was able to bring new ideas to the store, creating a complete Gun Department, with people all over New York and near states coming in to purchase ammo, gun accessories, bow and arrow, etcetera, and to apply for their hunter and fishing license permits.

Moses is all about the relationships he has with the decades of shoppers who have entered the store, and employees who have been with Frank’s Sports shop anywhere from 20-30 years.

“Our customers are third generations. They’re more friends than customers.”

– Moe Stein


It was when Ronald Stein (Moses’ youngest son) -who at the age of 13 had started working at Frank’s Sport Shop as a hobby, counting change or marking items up for his grandfather- decided to full time join the company, that Frank’s Sport Shop was able to reach national and international attention. Since then, Frank’s clientele includes baseball superstars, MLB teams, famous sport agents, celebrities, and sports enthusiasts, upon many others.

“You never know who will you find in the store: from professional athletes, to politicians, rappers, and people from all around the world.”

– Ron Stein

Ronald received his undergraduate and graduate degree from Boston University; done at night while working at the store whenever classes were not in session.

Ron Stein and kids framed portrait

Ronald Stein increased the presence of sporting goods, both hard good like bats, footballs, shoulder pads, etc. and soft goods like uniforms. In the 1990s and 2000s, Ronald Stein introduced several national and international brands to the outdoors and sports markets, increasing their popularity by advertising them and pushing them, turning Frank’s Sport Shop into the first store that, for several years, was the only place where professional athletes and celebrities (such as actors, producers, and even stuntmen) could purchase their products. It would be difficult to find who had an earlier start with brands such as Carhartt, New Era, Woolrich, Timberland, Under Armour, Schott, Everlast and many others than Frank’s Sport Shop.

What came out of a request from a former major leaguer/turned agent; Ron was able to turn into the baseball area of our store to one that supplied 80% of the baseball players agents, 29 of the 30 major league teams into customers and relationships with multiple players and entertainers before they were even recognized as the influencers they are seen as today. Ronald Stein also supplied all-star players with personalized replica jerseys for their children, what later turned into quite a business for companies such as Majestic.

A family trip to the Dominican Republic led Ron to discover winter ball, by far the most fun place to watch professional baseball.  Soon Frank’s Sport Shop was working with all the teams and other influential people in the Dominican Republic, along with many others in Mexico, and Puerto Rico.


Frank's Sports Shop Today

100 years have passed and Frank’s keeps getting stronger. It has not been easy, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, but with the support of our communities, Franks’ family are ready for 100 years more.